"The artist needs uninterrupted time to focus and deliver excellent work."- Hyakume-san

How To Contact Me

 There are a few ways to contact me without everything crumbling down.

 Here they are:

 Note: It usually takes me one to three days to respond. I will get back to you, no need to spam.

 Each project is unique to me. Even though they are special to me and I will assess them individually, I do use a pricing table that will be e-mailed upon request. It is often readjusted, so always check the date above the file. 

 You are welcome to negotiate, however, avoid haggling. 

Mithie's Hyakume saying bye

For commissions, collabs, lessons, job offers, or design work, please contact:

+55 61 9 9867 - 6688

You can check my tattoos on:


For commissions, collabs, purchase of original art and fine arts prints in Europe,

please contact:

Sara Mantovanell 
Art // Gallery agent 
Location (Portugal):


You can find me in these social medias:

  • Line Store
  • Instagram ・Mithifil
  • Instagram ・Mithieart
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Last, but not least, if you are in Brazil, you can purchase my fine art works at: 

Galeria Olaria
Antiquary // Gallery 
Phone: +55 61 9 9818-8622
E-mail: olariaartedesign@gmail.com
Instagram: @galeriaolaria
Letícia Santos & Alessandra Duarte
  • Line
  • Instagram・Mithifil
  • Instagram・Mithieart
  • Twitter
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