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About the Studio

 Mithifil Studio aims to resignify 

Mille's Hyakume, a youkai - demon of a hundred eyes, paint a daruma.

About the Artist

  I am a childhood dream engineer, a preserver of monsters, and a merchant of wonders. A wanderer without a nation, constantly in estrangement amidst a sea of different and curious nations. A citizen of her mind and a resident of a dream world. Never belonging to one place, yet never ceasing to add new cultures to my inner self. My inspiration comes from the places I have lived and visited, the people I have met and imagined, the books I have read, the movies I have watched, and the worlds they have taken me to.


  I am an observer. I love admiring people and their little quirks. Preferring to see the world like an insect, or as the Japanese would say, I have "虫の目" (the eyes of an insect): first, analysing the details and things closest to me before observing the whole. Also, I believe that life is a great act of balance; it is necessary to recognise that everything depends on how we see things, and thus, what we need sometimes is to seek new perspectives. Therefore, I am very interested in walks—not just physically, but in life. It is by walking we pay attention to our surroundings. There is a need to rush.


  My reading range varies from children's books to funeral rites, from manga to national and world comics. I enjoy music from composers long gone and artists who were introduced to me, as well as I love dancing to Latin American rhythms. I breathe movies and play games in my spare time. I love cooking and, above all, eating. I am fascinated by popular folklore and beliefs but also the obscure ones. I am passionate about education and teaching. Therefore, since a young age, I have been a monitor and have helped others understand an idea or concept. Throughout this journey, I have developed different teaching methods and forms of expression. Although I have Byronian characteristics, such as my melancholy and taste for the morbid, I remain curious about the world around me and fascinated by its beauty.


  The more centred I am, without excesses or deficiencies, the more I will find peace. I seek tranquillity and discipline in Kung Fu. In my admiration for nature, I connect to my ancestry and the rhythm it gives me. I remain rebellious and, at the same time, disciplined, rejecting inconsistency and seeking balance and equilibrium amid life's exchanges. Believing it is in chaos, we can find meaning, and everything will dance according to an ambivalent flow.

Hope you enjoy my work.

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