I'm Mille Montenegro, I do art stuff.

 My illustrations are like the fleeting moments between sips of a hot cocoa drink on a glistening afternoon after the storm: calm, don't have much action going on but somehow keep people on their edge. Mostly the pieces are done with ink and quills. If coloured, they are coloured digitally.

 My sculptures are mostly done with Chavant clay Medium. I do miss sculpting on wood and stone, but until my studio gets a big enough working space to have those around, my wood and stone productions are on hold.

  Also, I work as a make-up artist for film and TV. Both for beauty and special effect make-up. Preferably, I enjoy making and producing human make-ups, such as aging, disguise and body modifications. However, straight/beauty make-up have their own charm.

Mille's Hyakume, a youkai - demon of a hundred eyes, paint a daruma.
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